This particular squash is big. Real big. Like, stupid big.

You have to see this thing.

A pumpkin is known as cucurbita pepo, a member of the squash family. If that's the case, this monster should be known as cucurbita pepoooOOOOOMYGODTHISTHINGISHUGE.

Nampa local DJ Steffler has grown what is about to be the heaviest pumpkin in the history of the Gem State. While nothing is official yet, DJ estimates his big ol' squash will weigh in at around 1,600lbs, which would smash the current record of a 1,219lb pumpkin in Idaho.

How does one grow a pumpkin that weighs more than a full grown cow? Steller explains:

I try to feed it whatever it needs when it needs it. I started with a soil test to see what I was starting with. After the plant was growing, I tested the leaves to see what nutrients were in the plant vs. what it should be. Giant pumpkins like natural fertilizer such as fish emulsion, compost tea, humic acid, sea weed and work castings. I also used beneficial bacteria for root health and to help control fungus and added mycorrhizae. I used conventional fertilizer as needed if I needed nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, sulfur, calcium. I added micronutrients that I needed — boron, manganese, zinc, copper.

While I literally have no idea what that means, I'll just assume it's the equivalent of pumpkin steroids.

If you want to see this monster for yourself, it'll be on display at The Farmstead in Meridian. Here's a photo of this orange behemoth.

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