Everyone and their sister is using it, but you'll want to think twice before applying this trendy treatment to your felines.

The go-to home remedy in 2018, essential oils, may be making your cat ill. A veterinarian with the ASPCA says cats dying from essential oil use is rare, but it does happen:

Most cats aren't going to have an issue, but just like with people your first asthma attack could be your last one.

The thing to look out for is if your cat has respiratory issues such as asthma. Also, since cats absorb oils through grooming, applying essential oils to your cats should definitely be avoided. It may sound silly, but the ASPCA says they receive over 1,000 calls a day from pet owners asking about all kinds of ailments.

Secondary exposure could also be a problem. If you diffuse your essential oils, you'll want to do it in a room your felines aren't able to access. If you believe your cat has been exposed, and you notice any symptoms or odd behavior, contact poison control at 888.426.4435.

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