We don't do it every day, but for some reason on the 4th of July we don't think twice about lighting a stick that burns at 2000 degrees and handing it to a 3-year old.  Maybe not the best idea!  Kids get injured from this one particular type of firework more than any other. 

The sparkler is pretty and it's fun to hold that burning stick, but kids get burned by that firework more than any other.  Maybe it's the only one parents will let kids get near, and it becomes their only chance to get injured.  Whatever the case, sparklers burn at just under 2000 degrees (hot enough to melt gold) and they cause big injuries to kids 5 and under every year.

I don't want to be Debbie Downer on such a fun weekend, but as a parent I wanted to offer the info so you can make your own decision about whether to hand that flaming stick to your toddler.  Happy 4th!  We can always celebrate with chips and hot dogs instead.