We've got lottery fever and LITE-FM Office Pool is hoping to hit it big tonight!

The Lotto Gods foiled my plan over the weekend.  My girlfriends and I jetted out to Napa Valley to run the inaugural Napa Valley Women's Half Marathon.  The weekend mapped itself out perfectly.  We'd signed up for the Sunday race a year ago.  A few months later my favorite artist under the sun and LITE-FM superstar, Matt Nathanson, announced a show in Napa for that Friday night.  That left Saturday for us to check out Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

If you know me, you know my lotto dream is to own a roller coaster in my backyard. I'm not talking about just any roller coaster.  There's one at Kings Dominion in Virginia called the Dominator that I'd find a way to purchase.  It used to be at my favorite amusement park when I was a kid, but that park is now defunct and its coasters went all over the country.  As luck would have it, Six Flags Discover Kingdom had a coaster designed and manufactured by the same people who designed my coaster! The plan was to wake up Sunday morning before the race, scan my Powerball ticket, find out it was a winner and walk back into Six Flags to tell them "Box up Medusa. I want that one!"

Unfortunately, my Idaho Lottery app did NOT give me the enthusiastic "WOOOOOOH!" sound and the last LITE-FM Office Pool didn't win.  But then again, no one did! Tonight's jackpot is now up to $750 million! It's the fourth largest lottery jackpot and third largest Powerball jackpot of all time. Four lucky LITE-FM listeners are playing these numbers with me tonight and if we hit the big one, each of us gets $93 million before taxes!

Wish us luck!

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media
Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

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