I just won $10 off a $2 Polar Bear Bucks scratch ticket, so I've got a good feeling about the LITE-FM Office Pool's chances in the Mega Millions and Powerball Drawings this weekend!

It pays to download the new LITE-FM app.  At least that's what Sara H., Heather R., Kristy J. and Deanna O. are hoping tonight! This week, we sent out some app-sclusive alerts letting our at work listeners know that the pool was open.  These four lucky ladies were the ones who fought through the phone lines for their chance at millions!

After work I went to the luckiest lottery retailer in the entire country, Jacksons #10 on Orchard and bought five Mega Millions tickets and five Powerball tickets.  If we hit on any of these numbers tonight, we'll take the cash payout and split it between the five of us.  We'd each take home $56.2 million in the Mega Millions or $71.7 million in the Powerball.

Sara would pay off her house with the money. Heather has no idea what she'd do with her share. Kristy would follow her husband's example and invest it. Deanna wants to travel and I...would use the money to build my own roller coaster. Wish us luck! These are our numbers!

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media
Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

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