If your diet is plant-based like mine, does vodka make you suddenly want to eat bacon?  It happens pretty often, apparently.

The UK savings organization called Money Savings Heroes took a poll and found out that 37 percent of vegetarians admitted to eating meat while they were drunk. The meat of choice was "kebab meat," and burgers were in second place and bacon landed in third.  Seventy percent of those surveyed said they kept the secret from their friends.

(A British Doner Kebab is thin-sliced meat that's spit-roasted and seasoned, and it could be lamb, beef, veal or chicken but not pork.  That's what everybody goes for after a night of partying in the UK because it gets credit for soaking up the alcohol kinda like greasy burgers and cheesy tacos do here.)

Maybe vegetarians eat meat while they're drunk because that's when the truth comes out.  Or maybe tequila just makes them forget they are not meat-eaters.  Who knows.  And who cares!

I probably follow the vegetarian plan about 80 percent of the time, I'm vegan 10 percent of the time, pescetarian 9.5 percent of the time (that's fish, but no other meat), and I'll go full on carnivore and rip up some barbecued chicken with the point-five percent of the time that's left.  It's once a quarter, but a turkey burger does taste good when I'm in the mood.  And that's the key, right?  If a vegetarian is in the mood for a T-bone, fantastic!  Rip that thing to shreds and don't apologize for it, whether it was the happy hour Cosmopolitan's idea or not. The world will not end.

Labels are so tired and worn out.  They're attached because they help people grasp what in the world we're doing with our lives, and then when we don't fit the label a hundred percent of the time it causes confusion. So maybe it's time for the labels to go.

Do you know what we all are a good bit of the time?  Hungry!  And it doesn't really matter what category we're in when the fork is on the way to our mouths, does it?  Vodka does pair pretty well with a chicken skewer.  Cheers.

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