The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile is coming to Boise next week, and it's bringing free hot dogs!

Tony Bologna works for the Kraft Heinz company, and he gave me the heads up that he's bringing that iconic Weinermobile to the Treasure Valley next week. Finally, our turn!  He's a Hotdogger for Oscar Mayer, driving the iconic Wienermobile on a coast-to-coast weenie roast, and he's cruising into Boise from July 23-30.

Tony Bologna and his co-pilot Habanero Hayley are bringing free hot dogs to several spots next week, including these:

7/26: Albertson's (4700 N. Eagle Road, Boise, ID) – 10am-2pm
7/27: Albertson's (1219 Broadway Ave, Boise, ID) – 10am-4pm
7/28: Albertson's (1653 S. Vista Ave., Boise, ID ) – 10am-4pm
7/29: Albertson's (6560 S. Federal Way, Boise, ID) – 10am-4pm

This will be a rare chance to see a 27-foot long hot dog on wheels and grab some free food while it lasts. And maybe get some new pics for your social media pages.

Oh, and if you're dreaming of becoming a Hotdogger yourself and driving the Weinermobile across the country, they're hiring drivers now.  Oscar Meyer actually has six Weinermobiles in action at any time on those coast-to-coast weenie roasts, and they need drivers.  Click HERE to apply for what sounds like a really fun job.

Thanks Tony Bologna!  We'll see you next week.  They're even selling hats and t-shirts with weenie's on them, and weenie whistles too.  These Hotdoggers are fun.

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