Both Super Bowl teams have red in their uniforms, but heading into a big team spirit weekend, Boise will be wearing red for a much bigger cause than football.  

If you've ever had anyone in your family suffer from heart problems, you'll be wearing red tomorrow.  I will!  February is Heart Month, and Friday, February 5th is National Wear Red Day to draw awareness to heart attack risk and heart disease.

We never think heart disease is going to impact our family until it does.  My dad had a near heart attack several years ago and had to have a balloon procedure to clear a blocked artery.  He changed his diet after that scare and hasn't had any problems since, but I still think a lot about my own heart health because of it.  And, my grandfather died of heart disease when I was a junior in high school.  Heart health is something that will always be top of mind for me, and wearing red to support the cause seems like an easy thing to do.

If you're a Chiefs fan, even better. The bright red color that the American Heart Association uses in its logo just happens to match the Chiefs uniform color a lot better than it matches the muted red Bucs color, so you can double up on supporting causes with your red attire.  (The Chiefs will be in their home red jerseys on Sunday at the Super Bowl, and the Bucs will be in white.)

My dad and his renovated heart live in the Midwest, and he is a huge Chiefs fan.  He's that guy, who will watch the game wearing a Kansas City sweatshirt from his well-worn recliner while he siphons beer into his mouth through tubes on one of those crazy hats that holds a can of beer above each ear.  He's a mess!  In the best way.  And since it's red, he may eat some pepperoni pizza and salsa while he's at it too.

It's a good weekend for a red theme, and wearing red on Friday will be the perfect kickoff.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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