Ten years ago, a giant potato was mounted on a massive truck beginning its mission to educate the public on the health benefits of Idaho grown potatoes. The huge potato truck has toured the country, appearing in parades, fundraisers, and any event that will draw a crowd. Who would've thought that a truck towing a giant potato would capture so much attention?  

Big Idaho Potato Truck in Action

A behind-the-scenes look at the Big Idaho Potato Truck!

Let's take a quick look at the big Idaho Potato Truck, courtesy of a release by the Idaho Potato Commission. The 'potato on wheels' weighs about four tons and would take over seven thousand years to grow. Or, to put it another way, the giant potato would equal about over twenty-one thousand good-sized potatoes.  

The big potato was created in Weiser, Idaho. The potato truck tours the country educating folks about the health benefits of eating potatoes. The Idaho Potato Commission will sometimes partner with a local charity to donate during the truck's appearance.  The big potato truck has become the unofficial Idaho state mascot. The Idaho Potato Commission runs commercials during Boise State Football games on national television. A recent campaign featured an Idaho farmer and his dog looking for and chasing the truck across the country.  


Friday was a historic day in Idaho potatodom. The potato truck and the big New Year's Eve Potato appeared at the Big Idaho Potato Hotel. The Idaho Potato Commission presented the American Heart Association their 'Big Helping.' The Big Helping is a charitable donation to a nonprofit charity. You can track the Idaho Potato Truck as it travels the country by clicking the link here.  

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