I decided to take a bike ride and get the real colors of fall on the greenbelt.  It turned into quite a ride, which included me riding on the left side down McMillian, between Meridian and Locust Grove, just to save my life.

Let's start with riding on the side of the road facing traffic.  I grew up riding a bike facing traffic, that's how I was taught.  You were taught to ride that way to be able to see what is coming, that way you could react to traffic.  McMillian road doesn't have any bike lanes and people drive like they just got their license from the circus.

The reason I wrote about riding facing traffic, is because Idaho's bicycle law, requires you to ride with traffic.  Really, this is a case of the law and common sense taking different routes.

After surviving McMillian, I headed down to Eagle Rd. and headed toward the greenbelt. There are two entrances to the greenbelt now off Eagle Rd.  One is near Quizno's and the other is about a mile south.  I started on the south side and rode to the bridge at Ann Morrison Park.

Along the way I stopped to get pictures to show people what is happening on the greenbelt. So here they are.  The real colors are just now starting so there is time to enjoy a walk or especially a bike ride on the greenbelt.

Soon to come, "Riding the Greenbelt with a GoPro."


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