Do You Have A Selfie Lean?
If you, like me, end up taking frequent selfies (often mine are with my kiddo), you probably have a "selfie lean."  A habit of posing with your head in the same place.
The Real Colors On The Greenbelt
I decided to take a bike ride and get the real colors of fall on the greenbelt.  It turned into quite a ride, which included me riding on the left side down McMillian, between Meridian and Locust Grove, just to save my life.
Let's start with riding on the side of the road facing traffic...
2 True Confessions
Confession #! - I hate getting my picture taken.  I always feel goofy and awkward.  If I can hide in the crowd or be the person snapping the pictures then I'm a happy camper.  But these days everyone is busy snapping pictures with all kinds of devices and instagramming, facebooki…