Smartphone Fine For Eclipse Pics
For those of us who are hobby photographers, you might be thinking you're going to drop some cash on gear to shoot the eclipse August 21st.  Nope.  Your smart phone will be fine.
LITE-FM's FitOne Memories
LITE-FM was proud to be a part of FitOne this past weekend.  It's such a special community event and we were so excited to see so many people taking part.
Win Def Leppard Tickets
Another amazing concert is coming to the Treasure Valley as Def Leppard plays Taco Bell Arena next Wednesday night.  If you've got a great 80s hair pic, you could be there free.
Do You Have A Selfie Lean?
If you, like me, end up taking frequent selfies (often mine are with my kiddo), you probably have a "selfie lean."  A habit of posing with your head in the same place.

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