Little by little, we should have you working the least amount of time possible for a salary. It's all (okay, mostly) according to science. Now, we're being told that, in order to be productive, we need to work 52 minutes then take a 17 minute break. Here's why:

A study was done by Draugiem Group, a social networking company, to see which employees were most productive and find out what they do to be so efficient.

Here's all you do: Work for 52 minutes and take a 17 minute break. You do need to step away from the computer. So, if you time it right, you can chit chat with your co-workers or you can run out for a coffee or take a little walk. Something. Do something.

That's pretty much all the information you'll need to know when presenting the concept to your boss. Should you need more (as in: the ol' boss asks questions or for proof), check HERE for the full study.

Good luck!