Today (10/13/15) we had two of the dancers from the Broadway production of "Riverdance" which is playing at the Morrison Center.  James Greenan, is from Ireland and had an accent that drove the women wild.  As one caller said, "I could listen to him recite the alphabet."

But Ciara (Key-air-a) Sexton, oh my goodness Ciara, not only had an accent that pretty well would melt most any male, but she was a dead, pardon the phrase, ringer for Audrey Hepburn.  For those of you who missed the days of Audrey Hepburn, she was the epitome of "Old school, Hollywood Class."

So I figured I would find out who of the 20 somethings actually knew who Audrey Hepburn was.  I cornered Stephanie, our promotion goddess, at the front desk and asked her. I got the eye roll, really the eye roll. Not only did she know who Audrey Hepburn was, she had her calendar at her desk.  OK, I was floored.

Next up was Jackson, early 20's, into football, works promotions, boom he knew.  Mijo was next and he looked at me like I had asked him what two plus two was.  Really, every guy in the office knew who Audrey Hepburn was.

I was crushed knowing that I didn't have Audrey Hepburn to my own, that she had transcended time and captured every generation, no matter when they were born.  So, I went to my backup, Cyd Charisse. Not a single guy had any idea. At least I had her...unless they Google her after me asking about her.

Back to our original story.  For all of you guys who would love to share a minute and a half with the closest person I've ever met to Audrey Hepburn. Ciara was even more breathtaking than her publicity photos, and the picture taken below wasn't anywhere close.

Only thing left is to listen to her from the interview and her wonderful accent, then attend "Riverdance" at the Morrison Center, before she's gone.