As you know, the total eclipse is coming August 21st, and our state offers our region a place to experience it in 100% totality.  That means more visitors and a need for more rental cars.

I had been looking for a car as mine needs some service, and had forgotten my dates were going to butt up against the eclipse.  With some date combinations, the prices were exponentially higher than I'm used to.  With others, the availability was either slim or at zero.

KTVB had looked into this, and what they discovered made sense.  They spoke with a representative from Avis who said they had been planning for this over the last couple months, and had brought cars in from surrounding areas (like Salt Lake City) to handle demand for eclipse travelers.

They also encountered the same reality that I have.  Supply, even with the additional cars coming in from around the area, is very limited or sold out during the eclipse.

It is amazing to consider how many people will be coming to our area for something that takes only a couple minutes and how much time and energy to set up for that has gone on over the last few months.

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