I love adventure, going places and experiencing things. I enjoy Idaho and everything it has to offer. See, I'm part cowboy, part country club kid, part don't really know for sure.

So I can enjoy just about anything. I have many places I would call favorites, but there is one that for me that is just a little ahead of all the others.  It's just over an hour from Boise and yet you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere.

It's the 4D Longhorn Guest Ranch.  Brad Ford built the place that sits in High Valley.  We've stayed there 3 times, the last two bringing our own horses, but horses aren't required.

If you want the cowboy experience, with really good food, campfires, comfy beds, card games, a pool table, a steer couch, incredible views and great company, then this is the place to go. We've had some great adventures with Brad and his crew, you will too.

If you don't know how to ride, you will spend the first morning learning and I mean really learning.  Then you break for a sit down lunch.  After that settles, it's time to do what you want, which usually involves a trail ride.  Now at the 4D Longhorn Guest Ranch you don't trail ride, nose to butt.  You go tree bashing, mountain climbing, wilderness horse riding.

Click here to see the 4D Longhorn Guest Ranch

If you want to step back and enjoy a slower paced life, with adventure, book a stay and tell Brad Kevin sent you.  I don't get anything from it, but I will hear from Brad.