Winter is one of the best times of the year to get out and play in McCall, Donnelly and Cascade! When you're done with your adventure, wouldn't it be nice to have a nice, cozy place to come back to enjoy some hot cocoa in?

Last night, a couple of my teammates from Team Run Boise and I went to grab dinner at Kona Grill after our workout. It turns out that most of us are headed to the McCall area this weekend, but are having very different experiences.

My half of the group is enjoying the cushy amenities the Lodge at Osprey Meadows at Tamarack. We're looking forward to taking advantage of some of the things our complementary Winter Passport includes like snowshoe rentals, a scenic lift ride and Nordic trail pass. The resort's also grown a lot since our stay last year, so we're also looking forward to checking out their new restaurant Fern & Feather and Clearwater Coffee which recently became the first outlet space to open in The Village at Tamarack!

The other half of the group? They're up for adventure. It turns out a big group of ladies from the club organized a snowshoeing trip and are staying in a yurt! As they were telling us about their plans, I'll admit I'm a little bit jealous because it sounds like a really cool experience. I can't wait to hear their stories next time we get together. If it's awesome, I may just plan a girls weekend of my own like theirs! (Because let's be honest...if you have to snowshoe into your lodging, there's no way in the world I'm getting my husband to join me.)

Up for a similar adventure? Here's five great yurts that you can rent in the McCall, Donnelly and Cascade areas.

Per guest costs are based on if you bring enough guests to reach maximum occupancy for the property. Click to property stats to see more.

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