Who doesn't love a good soak? One of the coolest parts of living in Idaho is having the opportunity to relax in one of our state's geothermal pools, both natural and commercial. 

But...if you're someone like me, you have no sense of direction and trying to figure out EXACTLY where one of these pools is can be a tall order. Seriously. In the decade that I've lived in Idaho, I've only had the chance to enjoy Gold Fork Hot Springs outside of McCall and I got REALLY lost trying to find it.

This map makes planning your hot springs adventure just a little bit easier! It includes markers for public hot springs that are typically found on National Forest or BLM public land. If you're into outdoor adventures, these may be the pools for you. They're free to visit and lend themselves to being a real wilderness soak.

It also includes markers for commercial natural hot springs, which are a little more my speed. These usually have a small fee you have to pay to access the pools (for Gold Fork it's $10) but that also gives you access to on-site facilities like restrooms, changing rooms and snack bars.

BTW, if you really dig into the guides on the map, the webmaster is pretty good about giving you a heads up as to which of these hot springs locations are "clothing optional" if that's not your cup of tea.

Important Hot Springs Reminders

We know many people consider some of these soak destinations their "secret squirrel spots" but everyone in the state is entitled to explore and enjoy them equally. No one soaker is better than another, but we encourage you to be polite and respectful to others and the land when visiting a hot springs location.

Pack it in, pack it out whether it's trash, leftover food or other litter. If you're at a location without on-site facilities make sure you dispose of human waste properly. Don't use soaps in the hot springs or other bodies of water. They don't breakdown and can negatively impact the beautiful area you're enjoying. Leave the area better than you found it, but at the same time make sure you leave rocks, plants and other natural objects the way you found them.

For more tips about Hot Springs etiquette click HERE.

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