When you travel solo, how often do you find yourself mentally crossing your fingers that no one sits in the seat beside you? If you’re flying to one of these destinations, kiss that dream goodbye! 

Earlier this year, the Boise Aiport revealed that 2022 was a record breaker. With pandemic worries behind them, travelers were eager to get out of the Treasure Valley for at least a little while. The airport said that they saw 4.5 million passengers pass through their gates, up 9% from the pre-pandemic record set in 2019. 

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Where were they heading? The Bureau of Transportation Statistics has a very cool breakdown of travel in and out of the Boise Airport that reveals that answer, along with stats on how many domestic flights were on-time, how long the average delay in Boise is, the percentage of how many flights were canceled and just how many flights departed the airport in a calendar year. 


As summer starts to wind down and more people are trying to squeeze in those last-minute vacations, we got curious “What is the most popular destination out of the Boise Airport?” We looked at the BTS’s statistics and weren’t shocked that the top 10 destinations were all on the list of non-stop flights the Boise airport offers to 25 different cities.

Travel to eight of these 10 destinations rose between the period recorded May 2021-April 2022 and the period recorded from May 2022-April 2023. Another fell, while one stayed pretty flat. Here’s a look at the most in-demand destinations from the Boise Airport.

The 10 Most Popular Vacation Destinations from the Boise Airport

According to data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, these were the 10 most popular destinations for travelers leaving the Boise Airport from May 2022-April 2023.

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