If you followed my sadness as my beloved Idaho Pizza Company pizza had been taken from our company fridge, I have an update to share.  Short version: Idaho Pizza rocks.

If you missed the first blog I had shared, I put a box with 5 slices in the lunch room fridge, only to come in the next morning and find it had been taken.  I was irritated and saddened by that.  I shared it HERE.

Connell - Idaho Pizza Company Box

I didn't make mention of it being Idaho Pizza Company pizza (double pepperoni), but that's also my ultimate favorite pizza, so the pain was even more profound.  Fortunately, someone at Idaho Pizza Company heard about the travesty, and I was surprised and touched when they showed up to replace my stolen pizza.

That was really amazing, and I enjoyed it.  I also decided it offered me the opportunity to provide the original thief with a little potential frustration too.


A huge thank you to Idaho Pizza Company for hooking me up.  I will continue to be a frequent and passionate customer.

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