SUVs are the least-stolen. Pickups and passenger cars are swiped the most.  And mini-van drivers, you're not immune. See if you have one of the top ten most stolen vehicles in the Treasure Valley.  

It's no huge surprise that these vehicles are stolen the most often, because they're the most popular and thieves want them for parts. They're also the easiest to sell.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau put out its annual Hot Wheels list, which uses police reports to figure out the most commonly abducted vehicles.

According to that data, the 1996 Honda Accord was the most swiped vehicle in America, with over 52,000 thefts.

These were the most stolen vehicles in 2015 in Idaho:

1 Ford Pickup (Full Size) 2004
2 Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size) 1999
3 Honda Accord 1996
4 Honda Civic 1996
5 Dodge Pickup (Full Size) 2001
6 GMC Pickup (Full Size) 1992
7 Ford Explorer 2002
8 Ford Pickup (Small Size) 1991
8 Toyota Camry 1997
8 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee 1997

The experts say anti-theft protection has gotten better, and that's why the newer cars don't make the list as much.  But thieves are working on cracking codes and getting into the newer vehicles too.

I dated a guy once who always left his truck unlocked with the keys in  the ignition, and he said nobody was going to mess with his truck because it was too tough-looking.  Dude!  Lock your dang doors!

If nothing else, this is incentive to get the rows of storage boxes out of the garage so there's room to pull the car in at night. And report anything suspicious.

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