Man's Wheelchair Missing
This is one of those "you have to be be kidding me" stories, but a Meridian man is looking for his wheelchair after it was stolen from the BSU football game on Friday.
Idaho Pizza Co. Surprised Me
If you followed my sadness as my beloved Idaho Pizza Company pizza had been taken from our company fridge, I have an update to share.  Short version: Idaho Pizza rocks.
It's Illegal and We Do It
This morning we got word of two cars being stolen after their owners left them running to warm them up.  Come to find out, it's illegal.  I didn't know that until a listener alerted me to it.  Here is the link to the statute.
Here's the way it reads:
If Your Car Gets Stolen Call Me
This morning we got word of not one, but two cars being stolen.  Owners left them running to warm up and someone took off with them  They were in two different cities (Meridian and Boise) so odds are they weren't related.
My first thought was to get descriptions of the cars and broadca…
High End Jewelery & Purse Theft
Crime Stoppers of Southwest Idaho is looking for a man (described as large and waddles when he walks) who recently used a sledge hammer to break through the outside wall of a home in North Boise in order to steal several designer purses and lots of expensive jewelery...