Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the nation. Every day the Treasure Valley is home to over one hundred people moving into our area. It seems that everyone in the country wants to become an Idahoan. However, is Idaho suitable for you if you're retired or close to retirement? We've put together a list of reasons why Idaho is not for retirees.

10 Reasons Not to Retire in Idaho

From high property taxes to bears in the cities, ten reasons why Idaho is not the place to spend your golden years.

A special thanks to our friends at Kiplinger for the inspiration for this article.  You can read their version about another state here.

15 Boise Stickers That Are So Brutally Honest You Can't Help But Laugh

Boise is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. The genie's out of the bottle and there's nothing we can do to stuff it back in. The population boom comes with plenty of growing pains and there are two ways you can deal with it. You can complain about it on social media or you can laugh at it and remember some of the things that make living here so awesome! We prefer the second one and that's why these stickers designed by Boise OG have us rolling on the ground laughing!

Investigation Discovery To Feature Meridian Murder

A murder in the Treasure Valley? We sure don't hear about that often. You may recall this crime, however, as nothing like it goes on around our town. A Meridian man shot dead in a Walgreens parking lot--because his wife was having an affair with her boss. She was in the parking lot and the only witness.


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