Washington's legislature has passed a bill to increase the gas tax for Idaho and the other Western States. The proposal passed by the Washington Legislature would increase the gas tax by 6 cents per gallon for Idahoans who get their gas from Washington. Governor Little and Attorney General Wasden sent a letter to Washington Governor Inslee to veto this measure.  

This move by the Washington Legislature is the latest move of those in that state who have been openly critical of Idaho. Inslee blamed Idaho for not doing enough to prevent his hospitals from being overrun by sick Idahoans during the pandemic. He also was not happy that Idaho didn't have a statewide mask mandate like his state of Washington.  

The governor and the attorney general released the letter in a press release:

Dear Governor Inslee,


Recent proposals advanced by Washington legislators would increase the cost of fuel for the people of Idaho and throughout the West by 6-cents a gallon. 


The Washington Legislature is venturing into new, uncertain territory that would trigger price increases that disproportionately hurt the citizens of Idaho, your neighbors.


During a time when inflation is soaring at historic levels, we ask you to step in and do what you can to stop these harmful proposals. If these proposals reach your desk, we ask you to veto them. Now is not the time for our states to turn on each other with excise tax proposals that dampen our economy and increase costs for everyone.


All Americans should be able to access reliable, affordable fuel to help grow our shared economy. Any increase in energy costs or gas prices will damage both our states.


We welcome a meeting at your earliest convenience so we can have a frank discussion on the impacts of this dangerous legislation.




BRAD LITTLE                                                                                  


State of Idaho                                                             



Attorney General

State of Idaho

We have not heard a response from Inslee. Thanks to Joe Biden's energy policies, fuel prices have soared year to date. Last week, we reported that Idaho had fallen out of the top ten most expensive states to buy gasoline. Most Idahoans have accepted higher fuel prices in the Gem State.  

Two Idaho legislators did propose cutting the state's fuel tax in half for two years to help those walloped by Biden's inflation. The state fuel tax in Idaho is thirty-two cents a gallon. Their proposal was rejected by legislative leadership.  

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