...I'm so mad that I ended up turning off the World Series to watch Designated Survivor last night! I ended up missing the crowning of America's newest "Taco Hero."

Jason Miller, Getty Images

It's no secret that I love sports, but I've never really been able to get in to watching baseball on TV.  I begrudgingly watched the World Series last year because my fiance is a die hard Cleveland Indians fan and I didn't really have a choice.  For me, the highlight of that series wasn't when the Indians made a last ditch effort in Game 7 to send it in to extra innings after a rain delay.  It was when Taco Bell crowned the Indians' Francisco Lindor as their first ever "Taco Hero." The Taco Hero is the first player to steal a base during the World Series.  To honor the feat, Taco Bell then treats the entire country to a free Doritos Locos taco.

Harry How

Well, since the World Series has the audacity to be on FOX and interrupt my normal weekly Empire viewing, Nate put on the game. I couldn't care less about it and kept asking him how and when someone was going to steal a base so I could get a free taco.  He got so annoyed, that he actually turned the game of and let me watch Designated Survivor at 9 o'clock. I was stoked...

...until this morning when I found out that I MISSED THE CROWNING OF THE NEW TACO HERO! Houston outfielder, Cameron Maybin, stole a base in the middle of the night (oops, I mean in extra innings) to earn every single person in the Treasure Valley a free taco!

Celebrate the newest Taco Hero and stop by any Treasure Valley Taco Bell location next Wednesday, November 1st from 2-6 p.m. to claim your FREE Doritos Locos taco.