If your allergies haven't clued you in, or the blossoms on the trees, or maybe even the grass growing turbo-speed in your yard, here's another sure sign of Spring; The irrigation canals are full.

In my neighborhood in Meridian, we've got water back in the canals, and sprinkler systems are once again running.  That also meant, at least for a lot of us on my block, it was time to get the mower out of the garage, and get that grass under control.

Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media

With my son now 9 years-old, I want to get mowing the lawn established as one of his basic chores at our house.  We had started getting him going with it last summer, but he wasn't quite ready to take on the job on his own.

This year, we started with him watching me (and a little apprehension), then curiosity moved us to doing it together (and two-person lawn mower handling can be a challenge), and in the end, he did a portion on his own.

Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media

We have a ton of weeding to tackle yet, and I need to get the sprinkler system up and running, but it felt good to get things up and running at our house.  It also feels like this will be the summer my offspring becomes Lead Groundskeeper at our house!