divorced dad diaries

Sure Sings of Boise Spring
If your allergies haven't clued you in, or the blossoms on the trees, or maybe even the grass growing turbo-speed in your yard, here's another sure sign of Spring; The irrigation canals are full.
The Kindness of a Stranger
I have a friend who has been considering moving to the Treasure Valley and recently asked me what we're all about. This weekend, my son and I experienced "Boise kindness" again.
What Are Appropriate Chores?
If you have kids, the decision of what allowance and chores are earned and required has probably come up more than once. I'm presently wrestling with this again with my son.
Making Memories Matters
I think one of the most crucial things I've learned in the last few years, is the importance of spending deliberate time with my son. More than things, I want to make memories.
Another Parenting Milestone
For the last two years, my kiddo had this bunk bed set up in his room. This weekend, the move to a new "big bed" was completed, and it struck me how quickly time is passing by.
Baseball is Back For My Boy
It felt familiar yesterday, sitting behind the fence and watching my kiddo take the field for little league. Spring season last year was his first, and he liked it enough to come back for more.
I Now Have A 4th Grader
I'm not quite sure how it happens. Well, actually I understand that part, I guess it's just a little hard to accept how fast time flies and embrace that I now have a 4th Grader.
Divorced Dad Diaries: Clean?
Being a single parent means making decisions for rules, chores, and expectations at your home, often on your own.  There's one thing I'm struggling with:  Cleaning his room.

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