Does it seem like more people than usual have announced a divorce over the past week?  You aren't imaging it.  It's a fact, the first of the new year is when many marriages end. 

According to many sources, divorce attorneys have referred to (what fell on) January 8th as "Divorce Day" as there tends to be an unusually high amount of couples who proceed with ending their marriages as the new year starts.  The biggest day for couples seeking their representation is the first working Monday of the new year.

Experts say there are a number of reasons, including agreeing to "get through the holidays" for kids and family reasons, the stresses of budgets during this time of the year, or even the reality of spending more time together over vacations and time off.

Harper's Bazaar ran a story that cited a survey saying that financial pressures are the main reasons for relationships to fall apart, though it's certainly influenced for most by multiple factors.

This reality is true both in United Kingdom and also here in the United States.

When my son's mom and I determined we needed to divorce, we actually made the decision on vacation New Year's Eve.  We didn't announce it immediately, but I guess we do fit the pattern of the holiday decision.

Marriage experts cite these as key reasons couples end up in divorce:

  1. Financial pressure
  2. Work stress
  3. Domestic responsibilities
  4. Dislike of family/relatives
  5. Lack of affection and/or sex
  6. Disagreements over raising kids
  7. Infidelity and/or lack of trust


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