Sure Sings of Boise Spring
If your allergies haven't clued you in, or the blossoms on the trees, or maybe even the grass growing turbo-speed in your yard, here's another sure sign of Spring; The irrigation canals are full.
More Water on Boise River
This was the scene at the Boise River (just past the Parkcenter Bridge) on Tuesday afternoon. Starting today, it will look a little different as the flow level increases.
What Caused E. Coli Problem?
Over the last few months, a number of local ponds had to be closed do to unusually high E. coli levels.  Now, and investigation has completed to understand how it happened.
This Is The Best Way To Save A Water-Logged Phone
Oh, the horror when we jump into the Boise River, only to realize the phone is still in our pockets!  And sometimes it falls into the toilet and gets soaked that way. Besides panic, what is the first thing we should do?  This method is the best one to save a wet phone, according to the experts.
Missing Summer, Watch This [Video]
Our grandson Emery is a breath of fresh air.  Whenever I'm feeling like a grouch, he can take that feeling away in nano-seconds.  If you are missing summer, here is a video from a couple of years ago.  Emery, or M as I call him, got to hold the water hose for the first time and it was priceless...
H20 and Sunscreen Needed ASAP
Our homeless people here in the Treasure Valley are in desperate need of bottled water and sunscreen.   The shelters are closed during the day and they are outside all day and over exposure to the sun and dehydration are a big problem right now. ...

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