It's hard to believe that we're already celebrating 10 years of Boise Music Festival! 

When you ask people "what is something that you miss that doesn't exist in the Treasure Valley anymore?" a lot of people will still answer "the Boise River Festival." We know that nothing could ever replace the memories families built around the River Festival, but our goal was to bring back a little piece of what the Treasure Valley lost when it went away in 2002...and that was Boise Music Festival!

We were shocked when close to 80,000 people showed up to see Bret Michaels and the Backstreet Boys. In 2011, we tried to recreate that mayhem all over again with Joan Jett, MC Hammer and one of my top 5 acts that we've invited to BMF...Sugar Ray!

Since that show, the band's continued to rock even with lead singer Mark McGrath bravely admitting that after years of traveling with the band, standing in front of the drums and not using modern in-ear monitors, he's suffered hearing permanent hearing loss. When you see them live, you'd never notice.  The guys still sound as phenomenal as they did in the 90s and we're giving you the opportunity to experience their show all over again!

On Saturday, June 15 we're loading up the party bus at 2 p.m. for a down and back trip to see Sugar Ray perform at Cactus Pete's in Jackpot! For $80, you and a friend get your round trip bus ride to Nevada, tickets to the show, a $10 in meal vouchers and $10 in match chip play! the math on that...when you do the math on that, it's only a $40 ticket!

The bus turns around and comes back to the Treasure Valley that night, so you can fit in a girls night singing "Fly," "Every Morning," "Someday" and all your other favorite Sugar Ray throwbacks and still be back in the Treasure Valley in time to celebrate Father's Day with hubby and the kids.

There's two ways to get to Jackpot! Buy your tickets using the button below or be listening to LITE-FM for "BMF or Bus(t)!" We'll have your chance to win tickets to this year's Boise Music Festival while getting you win in to win your way onto the bus to pre-game with your favorite past headliners in Jackpot!

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