Toilet paper by nature is flushable. T-shirt remnants, kitty litter, and cooking grease are not.


Back in 2022, the City of Nampa pleaded with its residents to stop flushing paper towels and napkins down the toilet. That same year, the City of Meridian devised their "four P's" plan that states pee, poop, (toilet) paper, and puke are toilet OG's, while all other miscellaneous items are threats.

Their list lacks catchy alliteration, but the City of Boise has devised an official list of what is and isn't flush-friendly. While certain products are labeled "septic-safe" or "flushable," COB warns residents to protect their sewage pipes as well as Boise's water renewal facilities from anything other than toilet paper and human waste.

Scroll on for a list of 10+ items you should stop flushing right now!

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