Spring time, for many of us, means the deep clean of the house, the rebirth of the yard, and this year for me, the clean out of my closet.  I did the big purge. 

I fight two distinct sides of my personality as I am "thrifty" (and most around me say cheap) but I also believe in trying to avoid the trap of hoarding.  I have a tendency to believe "I might need that again some day" or, even though I kept my weight down for two years, want to hold on to some of the larger clothes "just in case."

Connell - Spring Cleaning 1

Having and 8 year-old has helped, since he grows out clothes regularly, and I have a passion for donating them to Goodwill, Idaho Youth Ranch, or similar charities.  I decided to enforce a rule I've instituted with my more "hoarder-minded" relatives.  "If you haven't used it (worn it) in over a year, you probably don't need it that much.

Connell - Spring Cleaning 4

I was able to open up my closet and, hopefully, provide those in need of some nice clothes that no longer fit or were no longer used, a refreshed wardrobe at a great price.

It felt good to purge things and I even gave myself 5 "passes" where I could keep the item instead of donate.  That system seemed successful.



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