Something new is bubbling up in Eagle! If you were a fan of the now extinct “The Fix” on Ustick Road, this is music to your ears!

Utah-based Sodalicious is moving in across the street from the the entrance to Eagle Island State Park at 94 N. Fisher Parkway.  The gourmet soda chain mixes regular sodas like Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, 7 Up, Fresca, Mountain Dew, Root Beer and Ginger Ale with an array of flavors.

Image via Sodalicious

Those flavors include everything from lime, cherry, blueberry, grape, huckleberry and peach to more unique flavors like brown sugar cinnamon, cheesecake, eggnog, gingerbread, toasted marshmallow and whipped cream. You’ve also got an option to add purees like mango, peach, pina colada, raspberry and strawberry or sauces like Hershey’s Chocolate!

Not sure what combination you want? You can check out the official Sodalicious Mixology Tale HERE!  Darcy and Michael were nice enough to let me come check out Sodalicious before Saturday's grand opening.  I don't drink a ton of soda (partially because I have the inability to burp, so the carbonation sometimes upsets my stomach) but when I do, it's always root beer!  They introduced me to the "Boy Scout" (root beer and toasted marshmallow) and the "Butterbeer" (obviously a homage to Harry Potter, this one is root beer, vanilla and butterscotch.)

Image via Sodalicious

Not a soda person, but still fascinated with mixing flavors? They also do blends in lemonade and Orange Bang juice (the Orange Creamsicle is to die for!) Oh, and don’t forget to pick which sweet treat you want to go with your perfect soda. They also serve up  homemade sugar, chocolate fudge, chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, peanut butter and snickerdoodle cookies. (You can pick some frosting to put on those as well. One of the fall options is Pumpkin Spice!)

Try it for FREE

Sodalicious wants to introduce to the Treasure Valley to the gourmet soda world so badly, that they're letting you try a creation for FREE this Saturday! Stop into the new location anytime between 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. and you can enjoy a 24 o.z. gourmet soda on the house.