It's like Uber or Lyft for your driveway! 

When we got smacked with snow in early December, I was shocked how many homeowners were morally opposed to shoveling their own sidewalks. Sorry folks, by code it's required and you could face a misdemeanor if you don't clean it up for pedestrians. But if you really don't want to do it when the snow rolls through this weekend you now have a new option.

According to KTVB, a new snow removal app called "SnoHub" is now live in the Treasure Valley. After downloading it, you set up an account, provide your address and make a request for the type of snow removal that needs to be done at your home (driveway, sidewalk, etc.)  Snow removal contractors will see your request and once they pick it up, you can track how close they are to your home the same way you would with a ride-share app.

Once it's all done, they'll snap you a photo of their work and send it to you so you know it's safe to venture out into the treacherous frozen tundra known as your front yard.

If you'd like to pick up some extra cash, you can sign-up to be a contractor providing shoveling, plowing or de-icing services.  Unfortunately, it's not a job for your 10 year-old that's already running a successful snow shoveling hustle in the sub-division.  People who are applying to be a contractor will need to upload a photo of themselves, drivers license and insurance information. Money you make from your assignments will be deposited in your bank account 3-4 days after completion and you can earn a $25 bonus for finishing five jobs in 24 hours.

If you rather stay inside with your hot cocoa and Netflix movies this weekend, give the app a shot! The links to download it are below!

Snohub: iOS | Android

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