Are you living life on the edge by sleeping in your car? Well, it depends on where you want to take a nap or sleep for the night! Now, why would anyone want to sleep in their car? First and foremost, we have the obvious reason being that anyone of us could get sleepy behind the wheel while on a long trip. Or, perhaps you've had too much to drink and want to "do the safe thing" and sleep in your car? OR! Maybe you're in the dog house at home and need a place to crash.

Whatever the reason is, you'll need to be careful and follow some pretty simple rules if you're deciding to sleep in your car and want to avoid any legal trouble. Right off the bat, it should be obvious that you'll need to turn your engine off. Also, you'll definitely need to make sure the headlights are off.

If you're thinking: "Hey! This sounds like a great way to avoid catching an Uber home after a night of drinking!"... you'll want to think again. When it comes to private property, there are some restrictions but then for other businesses... things are a little more relaxed.

The thing is though, this isn't intended to inspire people to turn to their cars for alternative sleeping solutions. I mean, if you get in trouble with your spouse, I suppose you could but then you would be breaking the law... no one wants that, right? Let's get into some of the places you're legally allowed to sleep in Idaho... and places you can't.

Are You Breaking Idaho Law By Sleeping In Your Car?

Let's take a look at the places where you're legally allowed to sleep in your car in Idaho... and where it could get you in trouble.

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