Just like the Pumpkin Spice Latte is a marker for the start of fall, the McDonald's Shamrock Shake is a sign that St. Patrick's Day is coming and we couldn't be happier.  But how long will it be around?

It's smooth and creamy and minty, and thinking about it too long means we won't get any work done today.  Thanks, McDonald’s.  The Shamrock Shake is back for the next month, and it will be all over your social news feeds soon if it's not there already.

The Shamrock Shake is made from vanilla soft serve and it's blended with minty Shamrock Shake syrup and topped with whipped topping.  It feels like it's kind of a new thing, but actually, Shamrock Shakes have had an impressive following since they debuted in 1970.  McDonald's announced last week that the shakes are back, and they'll be available at participating stores through March 24th.

If you want to make sure your favorite McDonald’s location has them, you can check a special feature on the McDonald's app that tracks which locations are selling the beverage based on zip code.  Or you can go to McDfinder.com.  I punched in one Boise zip code and several locations came up, so it looks like the Treasure Valley will have an abundance of opportunities to grab the Shamrock Shake this time around.

Is it too cold for cold drinks?  Nope!  Put on some fuzzy slippers and pull up a space heater, and be part of the seasonal necessity that is the Shamrock Shake.  We hear it's great with crushed Oreos on top too.

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