On the way home after seeing Secret Life of Pets 2 my girls talked some about the movie itself, but they went on and on for twenty minutes about the surprises that happen during the credits.  Spoiler Alert.

Kevin Hart's vocal inflections alone can make just about any movie, and in Secret Life of Pets 2, he's the crazy bunny named Snowball who thinks he's a superhero because his owner dresses him in superhero pajamas.  He launches himself headfirst into solving any problem without thinking twice, and through the whole movie, you just get the feeling that that wildly extroverted bunny's energy would take over any stage if given the chance.  He finally gets the spotlight during the final credits.  But Snotball's performance of the song "Panda" is too short.

Secret Life of Pets 2 posted Snowball's version of Panda on Facebook as a teaser for the movie in May, but now in theaters, as the movie plays, you've got to wait for the credits to see it.  It all makes more sense after you've seen the movie, but check it out on Facebook if you want to bypass the theater.  (The song comes from the artist Desiigner and was originally released in 2015.)  Snowball needed more spotlight and he finally got it.

The section of the credits that really impressed my daughters included home video clips of dogs and humans accomplishing some pretty amazing feats.  The audience at my theater seemed to laugh louder and be more into what was happening during that spot in the credits than at any point in the movie.  In the home videos, one girl was able to jump rope with her black lab as it jumped off of its two back legs and hit the same rhythm as she did.  In another clip, a boy is playing fetch with his dog when the leash gets wrapped around the boy's ankle and he trips and gets dragged off by the dog.  Another dog got into a dance-off with its owner and had better torso and hip moves than most people do.  And another clip showed a very sturdy Bassett hound acting as a step stool as a toddler climbed on its back to get a better view of what was in the refrigerator.

So stay for the credits!  The movie is cute and has some good lines, but the credits are the thing the kids will probably be buzzing about.

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