Thrill seekers, get ready! Roaring Springs is getting ready to start construction on a ride guaranteed to make you scream!

Over the last few years, Roaring Springs has taken it's thrill factor to new heights.  In 2013, they introduced "The Cliffhanger."  The six story speed slide launches riders out of a capsule and sends them on a thrilling four second ride down an almost vertical plunge. They followed it up with "Corkscrew Cavern" in 2014. Like its neighbor,  the enclosed looping slide launches riders out of a capsule for an insane ride at 38 feet per second that reaches roller coaster like G-forces. After the two thrill slides went in, Roaring Springs moved its focus to putting perfecting Bearfoot Bay, a wilderness themed water playground for kids with three slides, animal themed play features and an expanded wading pool.

In 2020, they're ready to bring the thrills again with the first Double Flying Saucer ride in the Northwest! The $1 million slide will be built between Pipeline Mines and Mammoth Canyon (the family ride) after the park closes for the 2019 season. Once it's complete the slide will launch riders into a double corkscrew, bank them into the first flying saucer with max acceleration, drops and dives into a second flying saucer at some crazy Gs before shooting them into the last 180 degree turn!

Want to be the first to ride it on opening day 2020? Then YOU gotta think of a creative name for it! Roaring Springs is having an a Name the Ride Contest via their website through September 15.  If your name is chosen, you'll win four season passes and the honor of getting the maiden voyage on the new slide.

The contest is a tradition at Roaring Springs. Cliffhanger was named by Parma's Andrew Hayes and Corkscrew Cavern was named by Nampa's Sheila Iverson.

There are 200 installations of the slide already up and running, so there's some cool video of it for you to watch as inspiration!

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