'Abducted In Plain Sight' has gone viral on Netflix with disturbing answers to questions about a Pocatello man who abducted a young girl TWICE.  Yeah, you heard that right.  He abducted her, abused her, eventually let her go after five weeks and then ended up abducting her again which resulted in years of sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse.

Right away you're thinking how messed up this is and how could this possibly happen but you have no idea, the magnitude of dysfunctional and messed up goes beyond your craziest nightmares.  This is a story, not just about a kidnapping pedophile and a victim.  This story dives into the victim's family that was so dysfunctional doing things that go beyond shocking.

Part of what's so crazy about all of this is that these people were very religious, kind, moral (or so we thought) people that somehow took a path so disgusting and twisted it'll shock you over and over again  And this is real life, you guys.  This isn't some made for Netflix movie that Hollywoods things up.  These are facts and actual witnessed information being released in a documentary form.

The fact that this took place in Idaho just casts a bit of a dark cloud over our beautiful state.  There are always bad apples and we found a few with these people.

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