Even if you haven't watched the Netflix hit yet, you've heard the story. You've seen the meme's on Facebook, the talk around the water cooler, and you've felt the shock of knowing this happened in our own backyard. Now, there is even more to the story. 

The story of Jan Broberg hits very close to home. Her double abduction by a man her family trusted happened in Pocatello, Idaho in the 1970s.

Jan's story hit's particularly close to home for me because she now lives in the same small southern Utah town my parents live in and her son is one of my brother's best friends. I had heard whispers of the story for years, but never knew the depths of it until I watched the documentary for myself.

Now there is even more to the story. Part-two is in the works according to Cosmo, where Jan has the opportunity to tell the rest of her story and delve into subjects we are all wondering about such as the role her Mormon faith had in sheltering their community.

Jan has grown-up to become a successful actress, advocate, and public speaker. She's a delightful person, but there is no doubt her ordeal has taken a deep toll on her life. She's since been through more than one divorce, struggles with her son, and whose to know how much of a role her abduction played into her adult life.

You may also not know that Jan's highly criticized father has passed away since the documentary was made and before it's Netflix release. I often think how difficult all of the negative publicity would have been for him to handle.

No details yet on when the Abducted in Plain Sight sequel will be released, but there is even more to this story and I can't wait to hear the rest of her story.

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