Being a single Mom is tough. In the past two years that I have been a single Mom, I can say that the financial hardships are the toughest. There is no one to lean onto when things get tight. Thankfully, single Mom's getting a little relief with free oil changes in Meridian this weekend. 

Heritage Auto Repair is offering a FREE oil change to single Mom's on Friday, March 15th from 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Before you show up, make sure to schedule an appointment at 208-887-1442 and you'll want to call now because once the slots are filled, the deal is done.

Heritage Auto Repairs Vice-President Becca Zanders told KTVB that the event is very personal to her because her Mom was a single Mom.

She says there were dark times in her past but that God always showed up in their lives, usually in the form of someone lending a helping hand and that's what Heritage Auto Repairs wants to do for the community on Friday.

I know for me, it is little things like this that make a huge difference in my life. If you're a single Mom, take advantage of this awesome deal and keep fighting. It's the toughest job I've ever experienced in my life, but I promise you are making such a difference in the world of your children.

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