It's about time Boise was in the news for something other than potatoes, but this is a little much.

Wednesday night, the 100-year-old statue of President Lincoln in the Idaho Capitol Mall was vandalized. We can't believe we're even typing this...but vandals dressed the statue in an actual pizza costume, and put a rainbow mask on its face. We're 100% serious.

No permanent damage was done to the statue. Soon after Melissa Davlin tweeted out the above photos, #PizzaLincoln was blowing up on Twitter in the Treasure Valley.

Idaho State Police say while no damage was done, it's still considered vandalism and they're looking for any information about the anonymous pizza perpetrators. There is security footage of people climbing the statue with the costume, but the footage isn't clear enough to identify anyone.

Lucky for the shadowy figures, the state Department of Administration is not seeking criminal charges. Perhaps they should be asking for leads at the Boise pizza parlor that makes it's employees walk the plank? Surely there's a connection...

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