Before you head out with your doggie for some Summer fun, this Idaho State Park is banning all pets from the water. 

Eagle Island State Park is permanently banning pets from the lake to protect the health of visitors.

Of course, pet feces is the biggest concern in the water being contaminated. Even if your pet doesn't' use the bathroom in the lake, they can still have very harmful bacteria in their fur and on their paws.

Boise Parks and Recreation have adopted a similar policy. Pretty much wherever people can swim you can't have your pet in the water. According to an article on, this includes bodies of water in and around Esther Simplot Park.

Boise Parks and Recreation Director, Doug Holloway says

The health and safety of our citizens is our top priority. Our shared no pets in the water policy helps to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and keep our ponds open for recreational use.


What are your thoughts on pets being banned from the water? I totally get it, although I do think about ducks and other wild animals that they obviously can't keep out of the water and how that affects the cleanliness as well.

Bottom line, like it or not, your pup is going to have to stay home while you enjoy a day at the lake.



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