My best friend is always on time and plans ahead for everything. I'm the opposite. I'm so last minute and it drives her nuts! Turns out, procrastinators are perfect. Science says so. 


I have always been someone who puts everything off until the last minute. It actually stresses me out to get something done early because I either forget that I did it or panic at the last second thinking I haven't done it and didn't allow enough time to scramble to complete whatever it is.


My best friend will show up for something 30 minutes early. She's uncomfortably early. Her quote to me is, "Thinking of being late for something makes me lose part of my soul." She's also a wee bit dramatic (and hilarious, by the way). I'm just so not the on time type of person. I work well under pressure and last minute. It's when I get creative and when I work quickly with my adrenaline pumping like crazy.


A study was done on people who procrastinate that basically says we have two ways of doing things:

  1. On time
  2. Last minute


I'll take option #2, please. It's just a way of doing things. It's not wrong or right. However, if you are a procrastinator (says science...or scientists), you leave little room for error.


What does that mean?


I'd like to translate it as: If you are a procrastinator, you leave little room for error which  means you do things perfectly the first time.




Am I taking it too far?


Are you an early person or do you need a shirt that reads "Sorry I'm Late"?