The pandemic is causing parents to reevaluate their careers, and that may lead to a huge upheaval in the professional world with lots of new job openings in the Treasure Valley.

The pressure has been piled on top of parents during the pandemic, especially those with young kids.  With a full-time job, how in the heck do you handle the kids' school Zoom meetings and homework assignments too?  It's a balancing act, and it's causing some parents to think about making some serious changes in their careers.

Oh, that moment when you drop off the kids at school and drive away knowing that you have about eight hours to some things done.  That was so great!  And if schools fully open up, we'll never take it for granted again. posted a survey that asked parents how they've balanced work and family over the past few months, and 66% said all the juggling has caused productivity to suffer, and 45% said career advancement was off because of it.   Most people have had at least one big work failure recently, and a bunch of us have had to leave work early or start work late because family life needs attention.

So what's next?

-- 73% plan to make major changes in their professional lives

-- 44% plan to make a schedule change

-- - 21% will look for a different job

-- 15% plan to quit their jobs

No parent wants to be careless, or recklessly send kids back to school just to get some work done.  But if it's safe to open up schools and we've got a handle on the coronavirus situation, having schools open might make us better at our jobs too.

And if you're a business owner and you find yourself hiring, let us know!  We'd love to help spread the word.

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