We are almost at the end of our time for you to win $25,000.  As I type this there are three more times today and five tomorrow.  It seems so simple, pick the five pre-chosen songs from the list of 25 at liteonline.com when you are the seventh caller and you win the cash.

Everyone who is the seventh caller is an instant winner though.  They will win the Movie and Dinner package from the Village Cinemas and Backstage Bistro at the Village in Meridian.

The Village Cinemas are unique because you can reserve not only what movie you want to see, but your seat.  The Backstage Bistro even though a part of the Theater is a unique place to enjoy dinner before a movie.

According to the Idaho Statesman, the Backstage Bistro has the best food in the Village at Meridian. I love how the deck overlooks the courtyard and fountains. Along with the food and service, the Backstage Bistro makes for a great classic paring of dinner and movie. For that matter you can enjoy the Backstage Bistro on its own and enjoy a great atmosphere.

The Backstage Bistro is upstairs at the Village Cinemas.  They have happy hour from 4-6pm everyday. Click Here to see the Backstage Bistro Facebook page.

Remember our number 383-1079 and be ready with your five songs, but if nothing else you will be a winner with the Movie and Dinner package from The Village Cinemas and The Backstage Bistro.