We've got lots of engineers, scientists, chefs, and CEO's in Idaho, but there's one job that's overly popular compared to all the others.

It may not be the most common job, but it's the most over-represented since there is a higher concentration of this job in Idaho than anywhere else in the US.

It's not Motor Boat Operator. Florida has an over-abundant population of those. New Jersey has a lot of Shampooers, and Nebraska's supply of Meat Cutters and Trimmers is more concentrated than any other state.

In Idaho, the most disproportionately popular job is the Forest and Conservation Technician. Montana, Wyoming, and Oregon are right there with us, with big concentrations of people who work with soil, water, and trees.

Business Insider put out a map that's based on per capita, and concluded by location what jobs are most out-of-proportion with the rest of the country. Food Processing workers in Iowa, Food Scientists in Minnesota, and Forest and Conservation workers in Idaho. If you've got those skills, Idaho is a great place to be.

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