If you won free tickets from us or if you bought your own, there's no doubt if you were at Journey last night at Taco Bell Arena, you know the concert was amazing. 

The band mentioned from stage that they were last in Boise in the 1980's so a return visit had been a long time coming, and they did not disappoint.

Connell - Journey 2

The band, now fronted by Arnel Pineda sounds incredibly close to the vintage Steve Perry sound.  Neal Schon hasn't lost any ability on the guitar, and plays an equally important role to Pineda.

The guitar solos are amazing, the energy infectious, and the memories come flooding back at Separate Ways Worlds Apart, Faithfully, and Don't Stop Believing brought the entire crowd to our feet.

Connell - Journey 3

It was an amazing night with some incredible music, and I hope you had the chance to be there to experience it too.

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