There's been a big debate here at the station about Nick Jonas' song Jealous.  Did he say "turn my chin music up or not?"
I was always on team chin music - remembering when my Grandpa used that phrase back in the day.  I had numerous people tell me that was wrong, it was turn my cheek, music up, etc.

Well to make sure you are singing the right words when you see him at Boise Music Festival this year (get your tickets for only $20 now), here's what Nick had to say when he was interviewed in Flaunt magazine:

“Prince’s drummer—name drop there—his name is Michael Bland. He was talking to me one time on tour, and I was telling him a story about something, and he was like: ‘Oh, he was giving you chin music?’ It’s like, what? What are you talking about? And he was like, ‘It’s when someone gives you attitude. They give you that chin music… I went online and there are like 50 different definitions. The most popular one is baseball: someone throws something high inside—it’s chin music. Kind of telling the batter to back up. I loved that as the best representation of the feeling in the song. You’re sorta like, hey, back up a little bit, when someone’s being too, you know, excited about your girlfriend.”

Get the full story HERE and get your tickets to Boise Music Festival so you can see Nick in person HERE.