2022’s brought a lot of changes to the Eastgate Shopping Center in Southeast Boise! Over the weekend, they introduced the neighborhood to a new restaurant concept. 

Two beloved Boise businesses have moved out of the Eastgate Shopping Center this year. The news that surprised the neighborhood the most stemmed from a Facebook post from Eastside Tavern. The popular dive bar was told that the shopping center was “re-branding” and that its lease would not be renewed. The old location closed at the end of April, but the decision didn’t keep the Eastside Tavern down. 

The opportunity for Eastside’s management to take over the old Cricket’s Tavern location on Oakland Avenue presented itself. The staff spent most of the summer remodeling the bar to make Eastsiders feel like they’re at home. The new location officially opened seven days a week on September 1. As for their old location? Eastside’s former location on Boise Ave is being turned into the Treasure Valley’s third “Play It Again Sports” location. 

Facebook/Eastside Tavern
Facebook/Eastside Tavern

Naturally, the news that the shopping center was telling certain tenants to vacate made people wonder what that meant for other businesses in the shopping center. A second business in the shopping center announced that they were closing in June, but it didn’t appear to be connected to the “re-brand.” Thai Basil closed its three-year-old Boise location, which had only been open for takeout for quite some time, due to a lack of employees. Their original location in Meridian is still open. 

Clearly, Thai food was a hit in the shopping center because the storefront didn’t remain vacant long! Thai Bistro, a new restaurant, tested the waters with Southeast Boise during its soft opening on September 1. They officially opened their doors for business on Saturday, September 9. According to their website:

“Thai Bistro was founded by a team of like-minded foodies; a group of friends who have always liked to eat, drink, and create amazing food together. Our hobby quickly led us to opening this Restaurant, a place where people can meet to enjoy our special dishes and comfortable atmosphere.” 

Facebook/Thai Bistro
Facebook/Thai Bistro

Early reviews show that they’ve already made a splash in the neighborhood. A local business owner in the area enthusiastically said “Absolutely the best in Thai cuisine in Boise! Fresh ingredients come through in their Pad Thai, Chicken Larb, Basil Chicken, Fresh Rolls (with shrimp), sticky rice, Tom Yum and Tom Ka Gai…..all of which I have enjoyed this week! Welcome to SE Boise!” Others praised the incredible and fantastic service they were treated to during their visits. 

Thai Bistro isn’t the only new Thai restaurant in this part of Boise. Nahm Thai and Burmese took over the vacant “Pat’s Thai Kitchen” location in the Ram Plaza in March.

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