Who gets the Netflix account after a breakup?

Breakups are tough, especially if the relationship was long term and you lived together.

You have to stress over dividing up the assets, and depending on the reason for the split, not everyone is willing to be so friendly when it comes to splitting amicably.

With a couch or plates, it's easy to decide who gets ownership as it's a tangible good. But what happens when it comes to shared logins and accounts?

Couples who live together generally share Amazon, Hulu and Netflix accounts. But when the relationship is over, who gets to keep the password? Do both parties have to start paying for individual accounts or do they continue to save money and just share login info?

According to Harold Li, the Vice President of encryption service ExpressVPN, nearly eight in 10 Americans who are dating share nearly every password across a wide array of digital platforms.

"In the digital era, sharing passwords is a sign of trust and affection akin to the gift of a letterman jacket or an exchange of school locker combinations," Li explained, according to U.S. News. "However, while it may seem like a romantic gesture at the moment, it poses serious risks to your personal privacy, which even the closest of relationships need."

Stanley Sherman, Getty Images
Stanley Sherman, Getty Images

Li added that when a relationship ends, whether romantic or platonic, he strongly recommends a "digital divorce" — the complete cutoff of the estranged ex and no longer sharing passwords or accounts.

One woman, however, has defied the odds — and it seems to be working. Emily Taffel of Coral Springs, Fla. didn't erase her ex-husband or ex-boyfriend from her digital accounts.

Now, the 41-year-old is remarried with four stepchildren, yet she continues to share the passwords and accounts with her exes.

With the first husband, she explained to the outlet they didn't have any kids, were living check-to-check and didn't own a home together. However, they did have subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu.

"We each paid for one of them and share. That was literally our divorce agreement," Taffel explained. "It was written right in there. We're still doing it."

Although she and her ex Sam split years later, the former flames maintain a cordial relationship and joint custody of addition logins. They still continue to split the costs despite her having remarried.

"I know it seems crazy," she declared. "The ex-boyfriend and the ex-husband aren't friends, but through me everybody is very amicable."

Could you share your account with an ex? Or would you want no attachment to them at all?

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